The 10 Crore project, JMA Trade Centre Ltd is nearing to completion and expected inauguration in end of this year. This 25,000 Sq.ft building includes JMA State Office, Conference Hall, Dormitory, strong rooms, lockers and other facilities for the members who will be travelling as part of their works. The increasing insecurity while carrying bulk of gold for business can be avoided, as the building is situated near to the railway station.



The Gems & Jewellery industry is growing alarmingly, the need of skilled manpower is a real problem now days which resulted in formation of this institute where the employment is guaranteed. The JMA Academy formed as a public limited company where the shareholders are the members from the Gem &Jewellery sector. The JMA Academy purchased 276 cents of land, 20 kilometers on eastern side of Thrissur city. As the lay-out and building plans are prepared and approved the first batches can start in next academic year. In order to attract the large numbers of workers required in the next 10 years, JMA initiates to promote and support all type training and skill developments. Twelve different types of courses jewellery making, molding, casting, stone cutting, retail marketing, etc. will be provided in this institute. Nearby 400 trained students will pass out per year with Graduation/Diploma from this institute which will make benefit to this industry in Kerala State.



After the implementation of above two lumiere projects, the JMA visualizing and organizing a noble project – JMA Gold Park. The JMA planned to purchase appx. 30 acres of land exclusive for Gem & Jewellery industry in a pollution free area. The whole area will cover common facilities for the benefit of industry under one umbrella with different manufacturing units. The JMA like to bring all the modern methods and machineries to bring a quality assured products. JMA express their willingness to enlarge welfare and education for the families, create career progression paths; provide better working conditions and bring in the well-deserved respectability or status to the profession.